New Office Space

Several weeks ago my Design For Living office sold! I now counsel out of GracePoint Church on Ray Thorington Road, in Montgomery. The pastor, Scotty Harris and the Elders, have rescued me twice over the years, providing office space. In 2006 when my office burned, GracePoint members helped me dig out of the ashes literally and provided office space for eight months.

Moving again has been thought-provoking and emotional. The dumptster became the new home for books, certificates, files, conference notebooks, etc. In the "tossing" of all those reminders of accomplishments I had to remind myself, "it's just stuff" and I'll never have to move it again! Solomon said "naked I came into this world and naked I'll go out." Paul equated much of my "stuff" as "wood, hay, and stubble", and that real ministry is written on the hearts of believers who have come to Design For Living for ministry.

The bottom line: Design For Living is located at

GracePoint Church

1565 Ray Thorington Road

Montgomery, AL 36117

334 409-2000

It would be great if you would help me spread the word of our new location. Thanks!

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